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About Us


University Consulting Group (UCG) serves as a platform for non-profit and startup organizations to avail professional advisory services to solve some of their most pressing and persistent challenges.


University Consulting Group (UCG) nurtures a meritocratic ecosystem by leveraging the best minds from the University of Toronto to solve the most intricate challenges faced by community partners – non-profit and startup organizations. Our ecosystem is well supported by our trusted industry advisors and UCG executives.

Why Choose Us


Each engagement involving a client project is meticulously planned and structured to simulate the intensity and extract value for all stakeholders. Constant feedback is gathered during the engagement cycle to continually refine our engagements.

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Challenging live issues faced by the client are selected for rigorous analysis by the engagement team. Follow-up projects from (repeat) clients help deliver value and helps maintain an ongoing relationship with the client.

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Dedicated mentorship support for each engagement team. Senior management consultants from top consulting firms act as mentors and coach the team to deliver high-quality client deliverables

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UCG Leadership Team

Shiladitya Ray

Shiladitya Ray


Shiladitya is pursuing an undergraduate degree in civil engineering. He has completed his 3rd year and is currently on a 16 month internship as an analyst at DHL Supply Chain, the largest third-party logistics provider in North America. In the past, he was the Director for Volunteer Consulting Group (UTCA) where responsibilities included client and adviser relationship management.


As a Managing Director, his main areas of focus will be to maintain and grow relationships with industry advisers and to lead the overall strategy and growth portfolio of UCG.

Darrin Gao

Darrin Gao


Darrin is a PhD candidate in the Department of Immunology. His thesis revolves around investigating the effects of signaling molecules in cancer metabolism, and evaluating potential therapeutics.


As a Managing Director, he will strive to establish new collaborations with academic and industry partners to promote the value of the University Consulting Group. Through providing additional practical consulting opportunities for graduate students, Darrin has established funding and strategic partnership with the Graduate Management Consulting Association.

Alex Trusca

Alex Trusca


Alex is a second year MBA student at the Rotman School of Management. He has a law degree from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom as well as a Master of Laws degree from the University of Toronto.


In his role as a Managing Director, his main focus includes the recruiting of MBA team captains as well as developing and enhancing UCG’s client relationships. He previously served as a team captain on a project for the Iranian Women’s Organization of Ontario.

Bahareh Tehrani

Bahareh R Tehrani


Bahareh is a second year MEng student in industrial engineering at University of Toronto. Prior to this program, she has completed her MASc degree in Management Sciences at University of Waterloo as well as Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology.


As a Director, she is responsible for monitoring the projects’ development and scheduling and coordinating between consultants, clients and advisors. Bahareh was a consultant at UCG and, as a member of a consulting team, completed a project for Citizens for Advancement of Community (CACD) in Fall 2015.

Jinke Xu


Jinke has a PhD in Materials Engineering from McGill University. During his PhD, Jinke developed novel drug delivery vehicles that could achieve sustained release of drugs and enhanced efficacy. He was the Co-President of the 2015-2016 McGill Graduate Management Consulting Association.


As a Director, Jinke will be maintaining and developing relationships with clients, and overseeing consulting projects. Previously, he was the Project Lead on a project for Yonge Street Mission.