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Meritocratic Ecosystem

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Rigorous Analysis

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About Us


University Consulting Group (UCG) serves as a platform for non-profit and startup organizations to avail professional advisory services to solve some of their most pressing and persistent challenges.


University Consulting Group (UCG) nurtures a meritocratic ecosystem by leveraging the best minds from the University of Toronto to solve the most intricate challenges faced by community partners – non-profit and startup organizations. Our ecosystem is well supported by our trusted industry advisors and UCG executives.

Why Choose Us


Each engagement involving a client project is meticulously planned and structured to simulate the intensity and extract value for all stakeholders. Constant feedback is gathered during the engagement cycle to continually refine our engagements.

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Challenging live issues faced by the client are selected for rigorous analysis by the engagement team. Follow-up projects from (repeat) clients help deliver value and helps maintain an ongoing relationship with the client.

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Dedicated mentorship support for each engagement team. Senior management consultants from top consulting firms act as mentors and coach the team to deliver high-quality client deliverables

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Volunteer with Us

Interested to gain some consulting experience before graduation?

If you are interested in professional consulting opportunities to build the skills and practical experiences, volunteering with the UCG could be the right choice for you.


If you are looking for opportunities to give back to your community, meet industry professionals, volunteering with the UCG could be the right place for you.